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Educational Savings Account Details

Effective for the 2024 - 2025  school year, per pupil funding will be $7,826 per student, and ESAs will be available based on the following eligibility:

School Year 2024-25
-All kindergarten students (regardless of income)
-All public school students who choose to transfer to a private school (regardless of income)
-Private school students with a household income at or below 400% federal poverty level (see table below)
-All students who have previously received an ESA

School Year 2025-26
-All K-12 students in Iowa regardless of income or previous school.

-Private school students with a household income at or below 400% federal poverty level (see table below), based on line 4 of your 2023 Iowa 1040.
-The ESA application will open April 16, 2024 at 8am and must be submitted by June 30.  There is NO flexibility on this deadline as this deadline is with the state not NCS.
-Families must apply every year.
-The ESA application should take no more than 10-15 minutes.
-Parents will receive one of the following statuses immediately after applying: Approved, Denied or More Information is Requested.
-Disbursements for approved applications will begin in July and a second disbursement will occur prior to the second semester.

Families can apply for an ESA through this link:


Financial Aid Details: 

-The NCS Financial Aid process utilizes Legacy of Grace for our student tuition assistance organization.
-Families must have a household income at or below 400% of the Federal Poverty level (see table below) or show additional reasons for need.
-Your income can be found on line 9 of your 2023 Federal 1040.
-There is no cost to apply.
-Applications were due April 30, 2024 (see below if you missed it).
-Families can apply through this link:
-If you missed this deadline because you are new to NCS or for other extenuating circumstances please contact the School Board Finance director.  
-Another option for financial assistance is the Board Tuition assistance application.  Please reach out to the school board secretary at about this application as well. 


 Financial Aid & ESA - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My income is under 400% of the federal poverty level. Can I apply for both ESA money and Financial Aid?
A. Yes, families who are under 400% of the federal poverty level can apply for both ESA funds and financial aid.
Q. I don't qualify for ESAs yet, but my household income is under 400%. Should I apply for financial assistance if I have applied and not received much in the past?
A. Families who fall under 400% of the federal poverty level should apply. In years past, much emphasis has been on assisting families who need the most help. With the introduction of ESAs, funds will be spread out more to higher-earning families who fall under the 400% income limit.
Q. Can I apply for an ESA or financial aid for a preschooler?
A. ESAs and the above financial aid option are only available for K-12 students. Preschool assistance for families living in Jasper, Marion and Poweshiek counties may be available for families who qualify. Click here for the JMP Early Childhood Iowa Preschool Scholarship Application.
Q. Where can I find out more details about ESAs?
A. Newton Christian will continue to share important details and deadlines with families, but you can learn more about ESAs through the Iowa Department of Education website.