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NCS Job Application

Newton Christian School Employment Opportunities

Newton Christian School is a small Christian school in Newton, IA. We strive to incorporate Christ and biblical truth into our entire curriculum. Our goal each day is to fulfill our mission statement: “Training to a higher academic, moral, and spiritual standard based on biblical principles.” Our culture is one of care, hard work, high aspirations, and an expectation that every student will succeed. Throughout all aspects of their education, students are challenged to pursue excellence academically, morally, and spiritually. We serve students in Preschool through 8th grades from Newton and the surrounding areas.

We are seeking a dynamic, team-oriented staff member with passion for and knowledge of faith-centered education who has the ability to build relationships with students to equip them academically, spiritually, and socially to gratefully serve God in all aspects of life.
This candidate will be responsible for managing the daily operations of their classroom, guidance and implementation of academic classroom needs. The teacher will also be expected to communicate effectively with administration and parents to ensure that our organization continually improves student performance, and demonstrates a commitment to the school community.

Job Requirements: 
Have a deep love for, and personal relationship, with Jesus Christ.
Desire to support and promote Christian education.
Have a passion for working with kids to achieve the mission of Newton Christian School.
Possess, or be a candidate for, an Iowa Teaching license.
The ability to clearly communicate, and maintain positive relationships, with different stakeholders.


*No current job openings.