Newton Christian School

Training to a Higher Standard

The Best Thing This Week


This week we had the privilege of enjoying a performance of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer performed by the Windy City Players.  Our students enjoyed the story, pace, characters and audience participation.  At the end during question and answer time, one student asked, "When can we see more performances?"  They were enthralled with the action, suspense and humor.





The best thing this week was that our 5th/6th grade class got to experience a STEM project day. Due to mud and rain, their field trip for Monday was cancelled, but that didn't leave Mrs. Peterson without something great for them to learn.  They spent the day designing and developing projects that used skills in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math.  They rotated teams to build towers and roller coasters, to learn teamwork and to use creative problem solving to achieve goals. In addition to having a lot of fun, they quickly got over the disappointment of a cancelled field trip and learned a ton.  Thanks Mrs. Peterson for a great day!








The best thing this week was the posting of art pieces on  Each student is featured in the art gallery and parents and friends can make comments and join the student's fan club. Please use the artsonia site to order gifts that feature student art. 20% of the cost of items goes back to our school to purchase art supplies. This summer we received $100 credit to use because of artwork sold.  It is great to see students reflect God's creativity by using their artistic gifts.











The best thing this week was the privilege of observing our chapel teams.  Our new student council members did a great job of leading interviews with area pastors and then came together for their meeting yesterday to dialog about the experience.  I loved hearing their insights and assessment of how it felt to lead, what our pastors shared and what the students believe can be next steps.  It does my heart good to see students develop leadership potential and for all of our kids to get to know our area pastors as real people.                                                                                                                                                                                                         Mary Patterson, Principal