Newton Christian School

Training to a Higher Standard

Teaching for Transformation

Newton Christian School has adopted a faith integration program called Teaching for Transformation.  Tft was developed by the Prairie Center for Christian Education and is designed to intentionally guide students to live their faith in real and practical ways.  NCS teachers are in the second year of a three year adoption of Tft in their classrooms and receive professional development training and implementation guidance.

Doug Monsma, educator and former director of learning at PCCE describes TfT as “a biblical framework for the development of authentic and integral Christian learning experiences that are grounded in a transformational worldview with a focus on seeing and living God’s story.”

Newton Christian School received high ratings in the spring of 2018 for Tft implementation by the PCCE site visit team.  Some of the points they highlighted include:

  • A strong commitment to seeing Tft as a key vehicle for living out Newton Christian's vision and mission as a Christian school was evident.
  • The students we spoke to in your school are remarkable! They are such a credit to the guidance and nurture that their families and communities have given them.  They are thankful for their school and teachers.  The students were thankful that Newton Christian was challenging them to engage in real work opportunities and expressed a clear desire for that to continue and grow.
  • It was obvious the Newton Christian values and honors its students.
  • We saw and heard about a number of initiatives in which the students were engaged, doing real work for real people. Way to go!

To learn more about Teaching for Transformation, visit Teaching for Transformation.