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Band students in grades 5-8 receive ensemble and individual instruction on all band instruments.   Participation in band affords students the opportunity to receive private lessons, join the mass band at fall festival, play for concerts and outside engagements and partake in solo and ensemble contest.  Superior students are selected for area and regional honor band.


Fall Festival

This fall, the sixth through eighth grade band students prepared five pieces of music to play in the Fall Festival in Pella on November 2. They worked on a march, two ballades, and two energetic pieces that taught them about rhythm, meter, articulation, and dynamic contrast. This music was a fun challenge as well as a great learning experience for the students!






















Honor Band

Seventh and eighth grade students have the opportunity to participate in honor band. Seventh grade students may ask to be nominated to participate in honor band and do not have to audition. Eighth grade students are required to audition, preparing and playing a series of scales and excerpts from two etudes. This audition will determine if they make honor band as well as the highly honorable Iowa Eighth Grade All-State honor band at the Iowa Bandmasters Association convention in May. 

Congratulations to these Honor Band participants!                                                                                                                     


















Every band student is required to take one lesson a week. Every week the students will be provided with their lesson schedule on Monday as a reminder to bring their instrument and music. The student is provided with a weekly practice log as a part of their grade. Their practice requirement is 60 minutes a week. Every day that they practice, they will need to write the amount of minutes that they practiced as well as parent initials on the day that they practiced. Their log will be checked each week for completion to receive their lesson points. Students are allowed to have two unexcused absenses per semester (forgot their instrument, did not show up to their lesson while at school). Excused absenses include being gone from school, illness, leaving for an appointment, etc. A third unexcused absense will result in the student receiving a zero on their lesson grade for the week.


Fifth Grade Band Students

During the fall semester, fifth grade students will not be involved in band class. They will be taking lessons to prepare them for the spring semester when they join the sixth through eighth grade students in band. During their fall lessons, they will be working through their method book, working on notes, rhythm, tone, duets, and earning "belts" in Band Karate to help them see their progress in learning to play their new instrument. They will be a great addition to band in the spring!


Concert Dates

Fall Festival
Christmas Concert
Fine Arts Festival
Spring Program



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